A Year and a Half Later...

I'm not great at keeping up with a blog. Oops!

I wrote at least once a month for the first six months, but then where did I go!? 

Well, I got busy. 

Last year I was lucky enough to get into a local art fashion show, in which I actually won the top prize in my category with a stunning VHS tape dress, which you can see here

Then I went to Lake City, SC for the Artfields 2015 competition, and exhibited my largest work for hundreds of thousands of people to see, and actually won an award given by the Florence County Museum, to show a solo exhibit at one of their affiliated galleries in Florence, SC.  So later last summer, I had my SC solo show and gave an artist talk and a sculptural crochet workshop.

Later in the year I got a new job with Cheap Joe's Art Stuff, as an associate for the new Asheville location. I absolutely love my job there and have had so much fun learning more about all kinds of artistic mediums! 

During the winter, I was invited to participate in a pop-up show at the Asheville Urban Outfitters, for their Dreamers + Doers event. It was an interesting experience, and my first experience as a vendor. I set up my weavings and crochet necklaces, and did alright for my first time.

This year, I've already participated in my second pop-up shop, with a local shop called Blacksberg Creative Studios. It's a cute space in the South Slope that hosts crafty events and workshops. 

THEN... I collaborated with some very lovely ladies, Emmalee Hunnicutt and Amy Hamilton, on a performance piece called Wight. The performance took place at the Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center for their first ever event series Interlude. You can see the full performance here.

Whew! Now that we're up to date, I have some news! 

Currently, I'm getting ready for my third solo exhibition, which will be a continuation of my show A Memory Rewound. This show, of the same name, will be on display at The Satellite Gallery, in downtown Asheville, from June 3rd to June 26th. The opening will be June 3rd, starting at 7pm. I would love to see my friends and followers come out to support my work and the gallery! Check out the Facebook Event for more information!

Pictures to follow of the new show!