In 2014 I opened my etsy shop with a collection of crocheted jewelry. Since then I've added my weavings and other accessories. 

Those who know me well can attest to how I have a large collection of necklaces. I adore jewelry, and especially necklaces.  We express ourselves through our artwork and our styles in fashion.  To me, when both collide it is nothing short of amazing.  Beautiful, artistic jewelry can do so many things.  It is art that follows us all day.  It makes us feel good to wear it.  It shares our art with not only those who enter our homes, but everyone you encounter out in the world.  Therefore, I truly enjoy the accessibility of jewelry.  Most of my pieces are made with simple materials that draw attention.  I crochet covers and display cases around objects - wood, semi-precious stones, and even found items in nature, such as shells. Sometimes the object can be removed, sometimes it cannot.

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